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Looking for sequel!

“Kept my attention all the way through. Well written with an interesting style.”

— Barry A. Schwartz, Amazon review

A Terrific Debut Thriller: Complex and Exciting

“There’s a lot going on in “G88” by Todd L. Platek:
There’s Josh Lee, a 13-year-old middle school kid in NYC, working his way through adolescence and how he fits in the world. Josh is Chinese-American, the son of a single, hard-working mother. He’s smart and precocious and enjoys manipulating the adults in his life–especially his teachers.
Harry Epstein, is a sole practitioner lawyer, specializing in representing Chinese immigrants. He’s Josh’s mother’s employer and a grandfatherly mentor to Josh.
There’s the G88–the gas being pumped into Josh’s school in an experiment to alter the students’ DNA and control their behavior.
For some reason, Josh is unaffected by G88. However, he’s concerned about what is happening to his fellow students–the Blue Breathers–and wonders why they’re so suddenly compliant and engrossed in their studies. Josh enlists the help of Harry, one of the few adults he trusts.
Together, Josh and Harry try to figure out what G88 is and who is behind the plot to pump it into the school’s HVAC system.
In “G88” Todd Platek takes us on an interesting ride through the ethics of large-scale behavior modification; the role of governments–foreign and domestic; and private corporations’ efforts to bring innovation to market, and their “partnerships” with those governments.
He also raises the issue of Chinese immigrants’ concerns with how their behaviors and actions can affect their relatives still in China.
While there’s a lot of complexity to “G88,” Platek tells a good story with intriguing characters.
My only complaint: The sudden ending is abrupt and leaves a lot of loose ends. There had better be a sequel in Platek’s future. I’m assured that it’s due for publication at the end of the year.”

— Scott Woodard, Amazon review

This is a fun read.

“I like the style and pacing of this book. This story would make a great movie. It was fun and thrilling.”

— John Rutan, Amazon review

Great thinker and writer!

“Platek is a creative thinker and writer. Looking forward to seeing more from him!”

— Eric L, Amazon review


“G88 is one of those fiction novels you get invested and can’t put down. The author catches the reader’s attention throughout the story and keeps you yearning for what’s to come. Highly recommend!”

— Caroline Alexander, Amazon review

Great book

“Great book. Very interesting writing style. Waiting for a sequel.”

— Barry Bass, Amazon review

Great Writing!

“Todd Platek’s writing is gripping. I just couldn’t put this book down!”

— TT, Amazon review

Could not put down

“I could not put it down. At the end of each chapter you just want to keep reading to find out what will happen. Very interesting plot twist.”

— Rachel Platek, Amazon review

Like nothing I’ve ever experienced before!

“So here I am, minding my own business, when out of the blue this book sidles up to me. It wasn’t my fault. I just got sucked in!”

— Andrew Marks, comment directly from reader

There is cussing, but it’s comical because Josh is learning himself.

“I love the character building, and experiencing each person’s points of view. It was a great read. I can’t wait for the next book!! Waiting for the next phase of the story!”

— Michelle Orr, Amazon review

Captivating, Relevant, Author Delivers

“Through endearing protagonists, who might literally hold the fate of the world in their hands, and an intriguing plot that’s just bizarre enough to be highly believable in today’s current social climate, Platek does a superb job of introducing us to G88 and the first of what promises to be a fantastic series. We can’t wait to see what happens next!”

— Kindle Customer, Amazon review

Great read!

“Immensely enjoyed this book. Begs the question, could this really happen? Is this possible? Easy read that flows between characters seamlessly. Can’t wait for the sequel!”

— Tammy S, Amazon review


“Fascinating story! highly recommended and fun to read. You never know what’s going to happen in the future”

— Min Liu, Amazon review

Mr. Platek combines New York City with global intrigue!

“A riveting mystery written by an author who knows the real NYC, welding a bit of Flann O’Brien with modern geopolitical intrigue. Highly recommended!”

— James Rodgers, Amazon review


“Must read well written hats off to the writer.”

— JB, Amazon review

Great Read

“I enjoyed reading this teenager-plus-grandfatherly-type trying to crack a mystery set in motion by the Chinese government and elements of our local educational authorities, on the one hand, and of the minds behind the mystery, on the other hand. All’s fair in trying to re-engineer the human race?”

— PennyGHP, Barnes & Noble review


“Enjoyed this novel immensely but it certainly isn’t far-fetched to think this could not happen in our society today. We could all be “blue breathers” and not even be aware of it.”

— Cheryl Guthrie, Amazon review

Excellent book

“Very well written and thought-provoking! Would highly recommend this book”

— yanwen wanshen, Amazon review

Extremely well written book.

“This book is multi-faceted and appeals to all readers. It is flavored with science fiction, mystery, adventure, politics, and human relations. The author’s use of language and artful descriptions of the usual and routine keep readers involved with the plot’s intrigue and story line. Looking forward to the publication of the next book.”

— Joan Anderson, Amazon review

Gripping Story

“gripping story told thru the voice of each character on each side of the aisle. the author really spun a good yarn about how a teenager and much older person together tried to deal with a new challenging situation in their world. might be our world. maybe not a bad situation after all. highly recommend this book.”

— Victoria Xu, Barnes & Noble review

An excellent multi-generational mystery

“My father and I both enjoyed this multi-generational story of a 13-year-old NYC-born Chinese-American boy facing moral challenges, his middle-aged Chinese mother navigating her new life in America, and her senior citizen NYC born-and-bred lawyer-boss bridging both those age gaps to guide them in solving a mystery that has far-reaching implications for everyone. Naturally and convincingly told from each character’s perspective, be they from USA or China. No good guys or bad guys. All characters acting from respective ideas of what’s optimal for future generations. Fine flow of action in developing the plot. We can’t wait to read the sequel. The book should be translated into other languages to expand the cultural dialogue!”

— M. Bassik, Amazon review

legal background gives tight plot

“I’m a speed reader, which means I typically skip phrases and roar along to get the gist. I couldn’t do this for G88, because the book doesn’t ramble. The author’s legal background and knowledge of Chinese culture probably explains how this fiction is complex but easy to follow. Its dystopian view troubled me, because it’s presented believably, and without platitudes. No simple heroes or villians here…”

— Kathy S, Amazon review

Gripping Story

“An excellent book with an unusual plot! The author has a gift for description that brings his characters to life. Telling the story from the perspective of the different characters in the book enhances and deepens the book’s plot. Once I started this book I was hooked and had to read it through. I am anxiously awaiting the sequel! I very highly recommend this book.”

— Richard J. Baksa, Amazon review

Anxiously Awaiting the Sequel

“On the surface, G88 is a fun mystery told primarily through the words and thoughts of a school-aged skateboarder, but it also digs deeply to give insights into growing up and living in New York, the practice of law, and cultural differences between the United States and China. G88 builds momentum suspense as it progresses and ends in a manner that leaves the reader yearning for more. Bravo to Todd Platek!”

— Reading Room of Athens, Barnes & Noble review

In the not too distant future, everyone pays attention

“In a world with too many distractions how can we teach the next generation of students? Is G88 an answer? Provocative near term future.”

— John D. Groopman, Amazon review

Uauuu! You Must Read This Book!

“Very well written and has everything in a good novel. A good plot that gets you hooked till the very last page! It is fiction but in today’s crazy world who knows? It could well happen or worst, it is already happening!”

— Carlos S, Barnes & Noble review

Timely and challenging

“Author Todd Platek’s initial concept of G88 as a fantasy intended to entertain youthful readers evolved during writing to become “page turner” seriously challenging mature readers to consider a potential worldwide threat from a China to invade and alter the very essence of unmankind! Reader buckle up for a thrilling and mysterious well written ride.”

— Charles Visconti, Amazon review

Entertaining and thought-provoking!

“This book has all the elements of a great sci-fi novel: detailed character descriptions and development, a captivating, suspenseful, thought-provoking plot and a wonderful foundation for future sequels! A highly entertaining read and one I would recommend for book club discussions.”

— Linda E, Amazon review

A Great “Who done it?”

“Interesting read with entertaining characters. Could this happen in future generations? This novel is fun, suspenseful and riveting. I could not put it down! Cannot wait to see what happens to Josh and friends. Well worth reading!”

— Patti Wilson, Amazon review

Engaging and unfortunately not too far fetched

“Interesting concept from someone intimately knowledgeable about China”

— edward wilmot, Amazon review

A fun read!

“It’s a good yarn and well worth your time. Read it two sittings. A creative use of first person narrative.”

— Amazon Customer, Amazon review

fun, fast paced read

“Loved this book. It moves along in a way that made it hard to put down. I found it to be thought provoking and I enjoyed the interesting characters. It was new territory for me and a nice surprise. Looking forward to the next book.”

— gdassinger, Amazon review

Awesome read!

“I was pleasantly surprised and couldn’t put it down! A must read!”

— Kellie G, Amazon review

Entertaining and well-written!

“I enjoyed this book very much! It’s well written, funny and keeps you on your toes in terms of not knowing what’s going to happen next. I liked the author’s choice of making each chapter be from a different character’s point of view and enjoyed all the cultural tidbits about life in China and New York. Highly recommend!”

— sofya zaytseva, Amazon review

A Great Read!!

“I came across this book via a happenstance meeting with the author at a dog park and began reading it out of curiosity. Once I started I could not put it down. An excellent mystery! I loved the author’s technique of short chapters and titling chapters by the name person speaking in said chapter. I cannot wait for second book to come out to see where the next phase of the story takes us. I highly recommend this G88!”

— James G. Wallace, Amazon review


“This book grabbed my attention from the start. I absolutely loved how the characters developed. I read the book in a day. I had a hard time putting it down. I hope this author gives us more to read.”

— Linda R, Amazon review


“The author intrigues, entertains, and provokes the reader about the future of our world through his fascinating and superbly written story. A great addition to your book list.”

— Amazon Customer, Amazon review

A fun read and thought-provoking

“There’s not much I can add to all the positive comments that are already posted. However, I will say that Mr. Platek gives us a lot to think about in his new book. Aside from the diverse characters, there are fascinating concepts presented in a way that you can’t help but ponder just where the heck our society is headed. Many thumbs up!”

— Karen F, Amazon review

Excellent page Turner

“The author’s rookie Novel was a grand slam. The page Turner was full of suspense , surprises and one can just anticipate reading the next page. I am looking forward to his next novel”

— Manuel Luis Erosa, Amazon review

Maybe this would be the future

“This book was really entertaining. Very realistic dialogue and action from the teenagers and the adults confronting opposing ideas about the future of mankind. I can’t wait to read the sequel to find out about Josh and Harry.”

— Ping Y, Amazon review

A thrilling page-turner

“A friend gave me a copy of this novel and it is a real page-turner. It’s a thrilling tale of international intrigue told through the eyes of disparate characters struggling over mysterious controlling forces. The characters are richly developed, the action is suspenseful, the cultural details and contrasts are fascinating, and even romance arises in the saga. Can’t wait for the sequels.”

— Nord W, Amazon review

A must read!

“I like the way that the author developed the characterization through dialogue. This made the characters come alive. They are interesting characters and the author does an excellent job of allowing the reader to get to know each one. While reading, I could not only “hear” their voices, but also picture them in my mind. The plot is exciting and builds to a climax that invites the reader to want to read the next book in the series. There are also interesting dilemmas, in which the reader may decide what is just and moral. Each of these would make for interesting discussions for book club members, teachers, friends, etc. As a retired high school teacher, I think that both teachers and students could relate to events in this book. This would make a good addition to anybody’s reading list.”

— Michele Morrison, Amazon review


“I found the book to be intriguing from beginning to end as revealed through each character’s perspective. Brilliantly written!”

— Becky, Amazon review

a Book you should have on your list.

“just started to read this book and looking well written, I recommend this to a few friends that are into these types”

— Stephen Simas, Amazon review

Awesome book!

“I love this book! The story was fun and engaging. The author did a great job on the characters who are so unique. The over all story kept me on edge and I couldn’t put it down. Finished the book in three days!”

— Amazon Customer, Amazon review


“Interesting and unique premise. Well written with a subtle hint of an all too certain dystopian twist.”

— Nicholas Platek, Amazon review

Cross Cultural Issues

“An unusual and well written novel, indicative of author’s thorough knowledge of the cultures of NY city, China and legal issues. The unique plotting and timely issues confronting our modern world are encompassed in a highly readable and relevant way.”

— Anonymous, Barnes & Noble review

Exciting Story Richly Written

“This wonderful novel is full of suspense, international intrigue, culture clashes, and mysterious events about controlling the future. Couldn’t put the book down and it leaves you eager to read what happens next.”

— N Winnan, Barnes & Noble review