The new novel by Todd L. Platek

The human species stands at a crossroads not encountered in recorded memory. We face the challenges of two inevitabilities: the first — climate change, with its calamitous effects on the Earth’s ecosystems; and the second — the potential supremacy of artificial intelligence over the human mind.

G88 is the beginning of a tale about how mankind faced these challenges and overcame them…or not.

“Sometimes you’ve got to go with your gut. It wasn’t my choice. It was foisted on me. Now I have to see it through, before we’re all Blue Breathers. This book is the real deal. Don’t know whether I’ll be alive to see a hard copy when it comes out. Read it. Remember me.”

Joshua Lee
Bayside, New York

“Do not read this book. It is written by a rabble-rouser to create disorder in the minds of fools who refuse to accept the solution for bringing lasting peace and harmony to the world. Only we have the vision to rescue mankind from certain destruction.”

Dr. Wang Jingwei
Ministry of Education
Beijing, China

“This book is the libelous figment of the imagination of troublemakers who deny the wisdom of science and its power of salvation. It is a fairy tale for the weak-minded who see conspiracies around every corner.”

Dr. Agatha Lundy, CEO
New Day Corporation
New York, New York