About Todd

Todd L. Platek began studying Mandarin in the summer of 1967 at Columbia University in a Ford Foundation program for NYC high school students, and graduated Stuyvesant HS in 1970 with an abiding fascination in China. He majored in Chinese Studies at GWU and spent several years in Taiwan in the mid-1970’s and early 80’s, then China in the mid-2000’s, with frequent trips afterward. Todd is a lawyer, practicing litigation for international corporations, and of late, prosecuting political asylum cases. He continues to speak and read Chinese daily in his law practice.

Todd’s first novel, G88 – and its sequels – imagines one scenario for how mankind’s problems might be resolved. However, as Todd says, “It is for you, my readers, to resolve our collective fate in the 21st Century.”

Together with his Labrador retriever, Selkie, Todd ferries between his home in Athens, Georgia, and his law practice in New York City, always on the lookout for forests for Selkie to roam and lakes and rivers for her to dive into.